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Simplify360, is a leading social business intelligence platform. Simplify360 is the world’s first integrated enterprise social solutions provider; latest offerings are Social Marketing Suite for agencies, Social Contact Center for BPOs and Social Command Center for Enterprises. Simplify360 social solutions in the Middle East by NanoSys-ME enable businesses to perform Online Reputation Management, Customer Service, Community Management, Social Media Research & Brand Auditing; Online Sales Lead Generation, and Consumer Sentiment Analysis. At NanoSys-ME, we have worked on this valuable partnership with Simplify360 to represent them in the Middle East Region and Go To market with customers FIRST in mind. The comprehensive Social solutions we have worked on bring to our customers a new dimension to look thru for their On line activities and a new level of creativity that raises the bar high on the quality of deliverables and accuracy of findings. This provides an unparalleled ability to Marketers & CxO’s to take timely & well informed decisions while reacting to constantly changing market trends & dynamics especially on the social side.

We operate directly or through partners & agencies. Simplify360 products are already sold in over 100 countries across the world.

Simplify360 is being implemented across various business functions:

  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Research

Who Uses Simplify 360 within an organization:

  • Marketing Managers
  • Researchers and Analysts
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Customer Support Agents
  • Community Managers
  • CxO’s and Brand Managers
Business Solutions
Industry Solutions

Social Media Monitoring

Introducing simplify360 social media monitoring for marketers and customer service.

With billions of tweets and updates every day on social media platforms, one can easily wonder if anyone is listening to them at all. but the secret to success on social media lies in listening.

Simplify360’s monitoring system helps you cut through the noise and capture the signal, in real-time.

As easy as Google search

If you know how to Google search then you can easily create dashboards to track keywords and social profiles across the web.

Focus on what matters

Social media filters keep your data clean and relevant. You can choose multiple filter options to dig deeper into the data and stay on top of every conversation.

Visualize your data

With interactive graphs and charts, you can turn yourself into a data scientist with the click of a button. Drag and drop metrics to create your own custom social media dashboards

Make your data more meaningful

You can segment your data into multiple categories. Thanks to automated sentiment classifier and rule-based tagging, analysing huge data sets is just a click away. This will definitely save your time.

Collect Feedback on Website

Equip your websites and landing pages with widgets to gather relevant feedback and registration for your campaigns. No coding involved.

Receive alerts from anywhere

Get your social media team into motion with Email Alerts. You can set timely alerts based on simple rules and receive updates in your inbox as it happens.

Export your reports in PDF and Excel

One more thing, you can download reports in PDF and Excel format for distributing or for creating custom reports.

Media Marketing

Introducing Simplify360 Social Media Marketing for Marketers and Community Managers.

Have you heard of a syndrome called “Paralysis by Analysis”? It basically means not being able to take any action because you are stuck with your analysis. Never do that. In social media, engaging with your audience and driving conversations are the fundamentals. Keep your community updated with fresh content and involve them in your business. Simplify360’s engagement and publishing console allows you to manage your community very effectively.

View all at once

Keep track of conversations happening across your social media platforms, with a simple tabbed interface in one single screen

Reply from anywhere

You can respond to any message from a single interface without leaving or switching between different browsers.

Control your message

The in-built publishing console allows you to schedule updates across your Social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc in one go.

Boost your message

Extra features like Bulk update uploading, URL shortening, Photo uploading, Facebook targeting, composing long messages make your publishing experience wholesome.

Secure your message

Also, if you have to ever send a locked message on Twitter or Facebook to particular user, simple Lock switch would enable you to do that. As a result, only your intended recipients would be able to open the message.

Know what is performing

Campaign dashboard shows you the details of clicks received on your updates, along with the list of top clicked links, demographics and referral sources.

Social Media Analytics

Introducing Simplify360 Social Media Analytics for Marketers and Community Managers.

"When shooting in the dark, it’s good to use machine gun." But not everyone is equipped with endless resources and time. One has to act with clear idea on what is working and what is not. You could experiment with your social media strategy, but you need a way to analyse them and derive insightful findings. The social media analytics of Simplify360 will allow you to achieve that.

Score your performance

Engagement and Influence are the most important variables to measure. Simplify360’s built-in ranking algorithm keeps track of your activities and scores you every day. No need to visit external ranking site to keep track of your performance.

Identify content that work

You want to know how your content is performing. The in-depth content analysis and metrics benchmarks your performance in terms of virality, advocacy, awareness, reach and engagement.

Know your fans

Get detailed breakdown of your Fans and Followers’ demographic segmentation.

Secure your reputation

Discover your brand advocates and detractors, based on the engagement they have had with your brand over a period of time.

Optimize your timing

Smart timing visualization identifies the best time and day for you to make a post. This increases your reach and engagement for the post.

Benchmark your brand

Measure your daily activities and score your engagement every day to benchmark against your competitor’s activities.

Social CRM

Simplify360's Social CRM provides the most advanced features to help your customer service team.

"42 % of customers complaining on Social Media expect brands to respond within 60 minutes". It’s not a rocket science to understand this. Customers share their experience on social media because they want to be noticed by the brand and get a response. Identifying these negative complaints is only the 20% of the task; it needs to be responded and followed up, so as to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Prioritization

Auto-tagging creates categories of complaints based on custom rules. This provides your customer service team across departments to access the complaints concerned to them.

Automated Routing

Convert complaints on social media to unique tickets/cases and automatically assign them to concerned customer representatives.

Case Management

Keep track of all the responses and cases resolved by your customer service team. Create a custom case form to record details of these cases.

Flexible Permission Settings

Run outbound messages and responses through tight approval system, which you can selectively apply to your team members.

Automated Routing

Message queuing mechanism of CRM makes sure you don’t miss any complaints and all the tickets raised are on the right track.

Run Customer Survey

Create customer feedback form to record feedbacks and queries on your website and other platforms.

Measure Team's Performance

Simplify360 CRM dashboard template provides you with the complete customer support metrics like employee performance, turnaround time and benchmark against your SLA.

Integration and API

Introducing Simplify360 API for Developers.

Integrating social data with all your business data is the best way to keep yourself focused on your social media strategy. Simplify360’s API and connector allows you to import or export data across the third party applications.

Social Data API

  • Ability to set-up keyword search across the social web.
  • Data for all sources (Social Networks, Microblogs, Blogs, Review Sites, Forums, Feedback forms etc.)

Ability to set-up keyword search across the social web. Data for all sources (Social Networks, Microblogs, Blogs, Review Sites, Forums, Feedback forms etc.)

Channel Analytics API

  • Engagement Metrics for Social Channels (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Influence Metrics for Social Channels
  • Interaction data on Social Channels (ReTweets, Shares, Likes etc)

Analytics Models

  • Sentiment Classifiers
  • Social Scores
  • Demographics and Language Classifiers

Integrated Social Marketing Suite

With Simplify360's analytical and engagement module, marketers can monitor social media, measure ROI and make decisions.

  • Social Media Monitoring/Analytics
  • Social Media Engagement/Publishing
  • Reporting Dashboard and download to pdf/excel
  • Multi-user login and work flow environment
  • White Label Option

Social Contact Centre

Simplify360's advanced workflow system allows customer service teams to efficiently deliver a better customer experience.

  • Social Media Monitoring/Analytics
  • Customized BPO centric reporting dashboards
  • Seamless task creation and assignment system
  • Multi-user login and team management environment
  • White Label and Integration Options

Social Command Centre

Simplify360 provides a tight integration with all kinds of enterprise systems.

  • Enterprise specific Dashboard creation and implementation
  • On-site training and workshops on the industry best practices
  • Custom Analytics and Reports on Demand
  • On-premise installation Option
  • White Label and Integration Options

Social Brand Audit

With Simplify360 research reports, you can drive your marketing, advertising and strategic decision processes with strong validations.

  • Audit your Social Buzz
  • Segment your Audience and Influencers
  • Benchmark against your competitors
  • Measure your Campaign performance
  • Analyze your industry trends

Online Reputation Management

With Simplify360’s Online reputation management offering you will get to know what is relevant to your organization, brand or product.

  • Combines advanced algorithms and human curated sentiments
  • Receive Alerts as and when it occurs
  • Daily, weekly and monthly summary of all relevant mentions of your brand


The financial & the banking sectors have been under an enormous strain since 2008, due to the economic downturn. During this time social networking sites became popular and have played an instrumental role in sharing, reporting and discussing about the state of the industry. With journalists tweeting and blogging on the developments of the crisis, and others sharing and spreading the word, it has damaged the reputation of this sector amongst public. Banks have been reluctant to adopt social media to improve their brand reputation as they are still apprehensive about social media ROI and the few who have already embraced social networking still fail to provide basic engagement with customers and understand what people are saying about them.


Airline industry is the second most social industry. It is transforming the way Airlines are establishing and adopting customer relation policies. Customers are proactively engaged and empowered through social CRM. The main objective is to improve customer experience. Travelers from around the world form communities and connect with others to share their experiences with airlines, giving these brands a huge opportunity for a word of mouth referral system.


Globalization, mergers & acquisitions and technological developments have drastically changed the retailing landscape. In the race for being better and faster, retailers have turned to social networking sites for better customer engagement and satisfaction. This industry has already taken social media engagement to the next level. As more and more customers are becoming social, sharing product and brand experiences, retailers are exploiting the opportunity by increasing their social presence to attract these customers. They are implementing targeted social campaigns and strategies to improve audience reach. This is the only industry where you can see social media strategies being integrated at all organizational levels. They are now aiming to improve their marketing communication and drive increased online sales and customer satisfaction.


From production, to distribution to branding and marketing, F&B is a complex industry which requires scalable enterprise solutions to help the brands reach their goals. Social media can help food and beverage companies to carry out effective brand promotions, gain customer insights and aid in the recruiting process. Leveraging the use of a technology, such as the use of social business intelligence tool and social media could be a strategic way of gathering information to refine customer segmentation and marketing efforts.


The Telecom sector has dramatically changed over the past few years. Traditional telcos are increasingly challenged by new market entrants who use open platforms to meet diverse and rapidly changing user wants and needs. Today, for the digitally aware new generation, social networking sites have become the primary source of communication. There are two major challenges faced by the industry. One is the shift from point-to-point, two-way communication to many-to-many, collaborative communication networks. The second is the transition from telcos to open internet platform providers, enabled by better, cheaper technology, open standards, greater penetration of broadband services and wireless communication networks.

Media & Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment industry is one amongst the fastest growing industries in the world. Digital is the new buzzword. All organizations in the M&E ecosystem are getting affected by digitalization in a significant way. Sophisticated digital production techniques, film value chain, growth of digital distribution & exhibition and the complexities with increasing penetration are some of the major changes faced by this industry today.